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What’s the Difference?

by CENTURY 21 in Agents DIY Sellers

There are so many items in your household that are similar to one another. Whether pillows, doors, windows, or blankets, they are all used the same way, yet they are different. Here are the differences between a few common household items. Go ahead, impress your friends by knowing the differences. Bay Window vs. Bow Window: [...]

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Done in One Hour: How to Install a Faucet

by CENTURY 21 in Buyers DIY Sellers

Replacing an old, inefficient faucet with one that’s equipped to save water can reduce your consumption by up to 80 percent. When you shop, look for logos such as Eco-Friendly, Energy Star, and Water Sense; these logos designate environmentally conscious features, including low-flow aerators and touchless controls. Donate your old fixture to a good cause [...]

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