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It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

by Molly in Agents Buyers

As a real estate professional, when you represent the buyer, your job is more than finding them the perfect home, it’s also about finding them the perfect neighborhood. We asked our System members for their best advice for buyers as they explore prospective neighborhoods for their first or next home. 1. Wait for the bus [...]

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First things first

by Caitlin Bricker in Buyers

Many customers feel overwhelmed when they move into a new house. Is there an easy way to tackle it? So you’ve just moved into your new home. It’s a clean slate full of exciting possibilities. But for many people this euphoria can often dissolve into emotional overwhelm. Knowing where to start can help you move [...]

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Top 5 Seller Mistakes

by Caitlin Bricker in Sellers

Learn from experience – someone else’s! Avoid these classic slip-ups to net a sale in record time. Here are the biggest mistakes and misunderstandings many agents confront regularly when working with sellers. 1. Overpricing: Sellers often think—or at least hope—that their house is worth more than the local market dictates. To attract the maximum number [...]

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