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The Top 5 Reasons Your Real Estate Business Needs Google+

By Molly on August 28th, 2013


Social media is a staple in the real estate market, but sometimes choosing your next platform can be overwhelming and confusing. The truth is, Facebook and Twitter alone aren’t enough these days and sadly many platforms are often overlooked. For example, Google+. Read on to learn the top five reasons why you can no longer afford to ignore Google+ for your real estate business.

1. Go Local

Once upon a time you had to choose between a Google+ s page and a Google Local page. Fortunately, now you don’t have to.  Google launched a Google+ Local page.

The Benefits? This page now combines the best of the local elements and all the social media features that Google+ offers, according to Wild Fire Digital Marketing. Clients can go on to your site and rate their experiences with you, you can browse places and areas your connections like, and you can share photos, posts and other useful information.

2. Are You In?

Much like a group, on Facebook, Google+ circles allow you to invite other people into a specific circle and vice versa. This can really benefit your business. For example, group together people who are looking to sell and people looking to buy, or clients that rent and clients that own property.

Within your circle, you can also share specific information and post content pertaining to that targeted group.

Circles are also a great way to network. You can branch out and add people who share common interests. It’s an excellent way to meet prospective clients!

3. Hanging Out

Within Google+ you can also host a “Hangout” session, which is like a larger Skype video call. You can invite up to 15 guests and share the latest news for the housing market or answer questions about the home buying process. This allows you to connect with clients quickly and easily.

Another great way you can utilize this tool is take potential buyers on a virtual tour of a home they may be interested in purchasing. This is an especially useful feature for those that don’t live close to the area, or are looking to relocate.

Hangouts are expected to be informal—and what’s even better is that is that you can save the session to your YouTube Channel for those who couldn’t make the live Hangout.

4. SEO!

Taking advantage of any social media platform is going to help your search engine optimization (SEO) tremendously, according to Small Business Trends. Within your Google+ site, you can set up Google Analytics, which will allow you to monitor activity related to your business. You can see what phrases people are searching for in your area. This will help you optimize your own SEO, especially once you add in your own local information.

Also, because Google+ is run by Google, everything you post is immediately indexed into Google search results, making you that much more discoverable online. The more you post, the easier it is for others to find you on the web.

5. Get Personal

Make sure your site lets people know who you are and what you can do for them. Virtual Social Media suggests personalizing the page as much as possible. The first order of business should be to upload a cover photo, preferably a photo of you or of your company’s logo.

Make sure that your posts are authentic. They are coming from you- so they should sound like it.

Whether you are inviting them to a Hangout or sharing a few tips on the home buying process, the more personalized, you are, the more your clients will feel connected to you.

Having a Google+ account is beneficial to your small business as a broker or an agent. Remember that classic saying, “Patience is virtue,” that applies to social media too. Spend some time on the site and your business will surely reap the benefits.

And don’t forget to add the CENTURY 21 brand to your circle!

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