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Support Easter Seals’ Ben Trockman And The Accessible Airlines Proposal

By Molly on April 25th, 2013


Those who attended the CENTURY 21 Global Conference in New Orleans last year likely remember hearing from 2012 Easter Seals Adult Representative, Ben Trockman. As you may recall, Ben was in a motocross accident 8 years ago and now uses an electric wheelchair.

For the past year and a half, Ben has been committed to changing the terms of airline travel for individuals who use wheelchairs.  Currently, airplanes are not accessible to anyone in his situation – and only those that can be physically removed from their wheelchair are able to fly.

“The Accessible Airline issue is one that I have been working hard on for the past year and a half,” said Trockman. “In mid-April I traveled to Indianapolis to speak in front of the state Senate and House, who have just passed a resolution in favor of my proposal.  I truly believe it is a cause worth pursuing, not only for myself, but for thousands of other individuals who may be positively affected.”

Let’s put the power of the CENTURY 21 System behind Ben’s proposal and help those with this level of disability to lead more independent lives. The proposal reads:

“This world of ours is full of barriers and limitations for individuals with disabilities; especially, those who are in power wheelchairs. But, one limitation that should not be accepted is the difficulty of airline transportation for the disabled.

The current standard for air travel for those in power wheelchairs is exhausting, dangerous, many times embarrassing and utterly unacceptable. It is also a process that has the opportunity of improving and eventually being fixed.

Such a change would knock down the current barriers of airline travel for the over one and a half million Americans who are currently wheelchair-bound. Everyone, absolutely everyone, should have the opportunity to travel the world by air; sign the petition if you agree.”

Please support Ben and this initiative by following his request and signing the petition.

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6 Responses to "Support Easter Seals’ Ben Trockman And The Accessible Airlines Proposal"

  1. avatar Jack Hardy says:

    We at Century 21 Hometown Realty absolutely support Ben in this noble effort. Let us know what we can do to assist Ben in this effort.

  2. I Brian Lichtenthal of Century 21 Mack Morris in NJ support Ben Trockman in his quest to make Air Travel Easier for people with Disabilities. I believe that this bill is long over due!

  3. avatar Ben Trockman says:

    Thank you to everyone at Century 21 for your continued support. Issues of this nature, especially for individuals with disabilities, would not be as publicized, discussed and valued without great people like those at Century 21.

    And, thank you for the wonderfully written blog. I truly do feel tremendously honored.

    Thank you all!

    Ben Trockman

  4. Ben I am living SCI from 2003 level C6/7.I am from Tanzania,the situation is more worse for disables from Africa countries like me. On regard of that i agree with your petition.”together we can”

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