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Get Social With CENTURY 21 And Social NetworX

By Molly on April 1st, 2013


While at Global Conference in Las Vegas some of you may have attended learning sessions with John Reyes, President and CEO of Social NetworX. John has been leading technology trainings for real estate professionals for the last three years. Based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, John and his team are focused on showing brokers and agents the best technology that they already have access to and should be using for their business. We sat down with John to talk with him about the new partnership between CENTURY 21 and Social NetworkX.

C21: How did you decide to start Social NetworkX and have you ever worked as an agent?

JR: My background is in the lending industry. We were working in a market with 430 competitors within 5 miles. Everyone was selling the same thing and we wanted to stand out, so we started to hold training seminars for sales and marketing. That gave us the footing to better understand the real estate community – What are they struggling with? What are they best at?

I wanted to focus on creating a product that could be used universally across the industry. We started by promoting open houses online. We reverse engineered the product to use the MLS data.  Now the MLS does the exact same thing with REALTOR.com, Trulia, etc.

C21: Tell our readers about your new partnership with the CENTURY 21 brand.

JR: We are really excited to be working with the CENTURY 21 System. Every broker can have an assessment with us to find our where their office is at right now with their online presence and use of social media. We have one of our national trainers reach out with a structured assessment and we provide action steps.

At the agent level, we have the most structured online training program in the business. Agents can get up to speed and stay ahead of the curve.

Everyone should visit GetSocialWithC21.com to check out our video trainings. These lessons help improve your social networking skills, increase referrals, create great video marketing, use iPad technology and get comfortable with mobile technology.

We also offer webinars and conference calls twice per week for our clients. All of our CENTURY 21 calls are for CENTURY 21 System members only.

We have also have life support! You can reach us via email, live chat or the phone. If we train on it, we’ll do everything we can to get the question answered.

C21: When it comes to social media, what is the one thing every real estate professional should be doing right now?

JR: Video. The number one priority should be utilizing video. Make the commitment to incorporate it into your marketing strategy. We taught a session at Global Conference on video. There are apps like Videolicious and Magisto that make it so easy.

C21: Let’s talk about mobile for a minute. How important is mobile technology for agents?

JR: You have to learn to use the mobile tools to be effective. The market is demanding this. Honestly, it’s not about impressing clients, it’s about survival.

As real estate professionals, the market is dictating what we need to do. Make adjustments now so you can win and you can build your brand more aggressively.

C21: How can CENTURY 21 System members get involved with Social NetworX?

JR: The easiest way is to visit GetSocialWithC21.com. You can sign up directly at the CENTURY 21 System member price which is $29 per month. That’s no contract, no commitment, no up front fee. You can also sign up for one full year at the price of $295, which includes all the things we talked about – webinars, live support, etc.

Brokers can also get in touch with us via that site about scheduling their broker assessment and signing up their office for trainings with us.

C21: Thank you, John. We are all looking forward to becoming even Smarter, Bolder and Faster with your team’s help!