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Agent Reboot NYC: Tips For Upgrading Your Real Estate Website From Nicole Nicolay

By Molly on January 16th, 2013

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We’re live blogging today from Inman News’ Agent Reboot in New York City, the first stop on the 2013 Agent Reboot tour. For those who have attended Agent Reboot events before, you know the purpose of the conference is to find new and innovative ways to use digital, social and mobile marketing to improve your real estate business.  We’ve heard from several great speakers this morning including Katie Lance, Jim Marks and Matt Singer, but the session we want to be sure you know about is called “Take Your Website From Static To Standout” presented by Nicole Nicolay, Chief Creative Officer at Agent Evolution.

Nicole, or Nik Nik as many people know her, is a real estate marketing expert, trainer, speaker and social media fanatic. You can follow her on Twitter, @Nik_nik.

This morning Nicole shared with the Agent Reboot audience five ways to update your real estate website in 2013 to increase your leads and convert more business. She set up the presentation by asking five questions.

Is your platform responsive?

Responsive web design means that your site will resize automatically for whatever screen it is being viewed on. You want your website to look great on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. You want your most important features to be prominent on whatever screen your prospective client is using. If you don’t have a site that currently has responsive design, Nicole recommends migrating your site to WordPress.

Is your branding obvious?

When a consumer visits your real estate website is it clear who you are? It is clear what company you work for? Is it clear what your area of expertise is?

For example, if you are a CENTURY 21 System member, do you have the CENTURY 21 logo on all pages of your site? Of course you do!

If you don’t already have clear, consistent branding on your website and all of your marketing materials, both online and off, hop to it!

Is your content unique?

Are you giving consumers a reason to visit your website instead of another local agent’s? Are you offering specialized, localized content, advice, tips and search that they can’t find with any other agent?

Do you have a specific area of expertise – relocation, military families, multigenerational homes? If yes, are you showcasing that? Make that your goal.

Is your IDX home search worth using?

Consumers come to your website over other real estate sites because your home search experience is the best. They want your website for your specific market and your local expertise. Give them what they want by offering saved searches for key neighborhoods. You can also use a variety of listing widgets to highlight properties visually and in a way that’s easy to click. Be sure your IDX provider is allowing you to give consumers an exceptional home search experience.

Do you have a clear call to action?

Getting traffic to your website is important, but converting those visitors into customers is the ultimate goal. When consumers arrive at their website and see something they like, do you make it easy for them to do something about it? Do you have a clear call to action?

Create a call to action for your website that matches your greatest strength. For example, add a button that reads “Schedule an appointment.” Consumers can easily click and set up a time to tour a home with you.

Nicole urges, “If you don’t have a clear call to action, create one! Place a call to action prominently on your site that demonstrates what you do best and then do it.”

So there you have it. Nicole Nicolay’s five tips for taking your website from “static to standout” in 2013.

Are you ready to do it?


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  1. Very nice article thank you for sharing. We are still looking to update our website. We use video a lot and like to present our images in full screen. Your article got me thinking though as you also, I noticed have nice images

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