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2013 Game Changers: Juan Martinez Of CENTURY 21 Martinez & Associates

By Molly on January 11th, 2013


In honor of the big game, we are kicking off a new series today called “2013 Game Changers.” Each week we will profile an outstanding CENTURY 21 System member who is changing the game of real estate in his or her market.

Juan Martinez is on a mission. A mission to make the dream of homeownership a reality for the Hispanic community here in the United States. After 10 years with REMAX, Juan left to join the CENTURY 21 brand and form CENTURY 21 Martinez & Associates.

In 2012 Juan was named the #1 Hispanic real estate agent in the country by NAHREP.

From his home base in Las Vegas, Juan is actively recruiting Hispanic real estate agents to serve his local community and dominate that market. Read on to learn about Juan’s mission for the company, how he got started and his take on the real estate opportunities for the Hispanic community in 2013.

C21: How did you get into real estate?

JM: My family ran a business for 50 years and I worked for that business. We owned and operated the first Hispanic grocery stores in Las Vegas. I ran and managed one of those stores for 10 years. In that career I dealt with the Hispanic community on a very intimate level. Homeownership was very important to them. I told my father to retire and let me run his business, otherwise I was going to move on do something else, something that wouldn’t compete with his business. He wasn’t ready to retire, so that’s when I launched into real estate.

C21: Tell us about the start of your real estate career.

JM: I started with REMAX in 2002. I opened my own REMAX franchise in 2004. We specialized in residential real estate, specifically foreclosures. Foreclosure real estate is the biggest niche in the Hispanic community.  I had three to four buyers’ agents working with me and for 10 years we did 200 – 600 transactions a year.

C21: You’ve reached many milestones in your career, particularly in the Hispanic community.

JM: I feel very honored. Last year on the Wall Street Journal/Real Trends report my team was #13 in the country. We did 700 transactions last year.  I was the #1 Hispanic agent in Las Vegas last year and NAHREP named me the #1 real estate agent in the country for 2012.

C21: How did you come to join the CENTURY 21 brand?

JM: If you ask nine out of ten Hispanic families, “Who is the best real estate company?” They will say, “CENTURY 21.” The brand is well known in Latin America. My goal with my new CENTURY 21 company is to take 50% of the Hispanic market. With this brand, I know we can achieve our goal.

C21: Tell us about the mission of CENTURY 21 Martinez and Associates.

JM: We joined the CENTURY 21 System on September 26, 2012. Our goal is to serve the Hispanic and multicultural communities in a better way. We want to teach new agents how to serve that demographic specifically. I dissolved my former team and stopped selling personally so that I can focus on recruiting. We should be up to 100 agents by the end of 2013.

C21: How do you recruit new agents?

JM: A lot of agents have no training and no sales skills. They are just waiting around for business to be handed to them. There is a huge need for brokers who know how to coach. They need someone to show them the light, the vision.

C21: What do you think makes a successful team?

JM: Having a successful team is about accountability. It’s about showing up every day, being prepared, and being ready to work. The team lead has to set an example for everyone else – prospect, follow a schedule, show up every day ready to go to work.

C21: The CENTURY 21 motto is “Smarter. Bolder. Faster.” How do you work in those three ways?

JM: I am teaching my new recruits how to work Smarter, Bolder and Faster. In my mind, the old school way of thinking, the old mindsets – open houses, print advertising – are going and gone. What I teach are the basics and the fundamentals. I am creating powerhouse agents that can duplicate success many times over. My people are excited, there is no drama. They are just ready to work, to be sharp, to close deals and to help these families get into homes.

C21: How do you market specifically to the Hispanic community?

JM: From TV to radio, I know what they like. For me, it’s very easy to market to this group. We’re going to have to do marketing and advertising campaigns to stay aggressive. We will have the best agents who will be out in the community making it happen. Right now we are laser focused on recruiting Hispanic agents.

C21: What is the real estate opportunity for the Hispanic community in 2013?

JM: The Hispanic community lost a tremendous amount of wealth in the foreclosure crisis. Wealth creation through homeownership aids in retirement and college education.  Rates and affordability in 2013 will cause buying to make more sense than paying rent. Even if a family lost a home, this is a great time to buy. A mortgage payment can be cheaper than rent. Our sales force at CENTURY 21 Martinez and Associates is putting that message out there and creating those opportunities for the Hispanic community.

C21: To connect with Juan, visit CENTURY 21 Martinez & Associates.

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