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2013 Game Changers: Angela Lieb

By Molly on January 16th, 2013


Last week we kicked off our new blog series in honor of the big game titled “2013 Game Changers” in which we highlight outstanding System members who are changing the game in real estate.

This week we get to know Angela Lieb, who started her career with the CENTURY 21 brand as a business consultant. She then moved to Team Grow and as of this month, joins the CENTURY 21 Franchise Sales team.

Angela gained national attention when she became the only female System member to participate in the Climb for Kids to benefit CENTURY 21 philanthropic partner, Easter Seals. A first time mountain climber, Angela summitted both peaks in Mexico, impressing her teammates, coworkers, family and friends alike.

Read on to hear how Angela is planning to make this year even better than the last.

C21: In November you participated in the CENTURY 21 Climb for Kids in Mexico. How has that experience changed your life and your approach to work?

AL: It changed the way I look at everything.  Nothing seems impossible.  Fear is now part of growth where fear used to stop me from growing in certain areas. It’s the biggest “aha” I’ve ever had.  The “aha” being if I could climb for 36 hours in five days and summit two mountains without ever climbing a small mountain, then nothing is impossible for me.  It changed the way my kids see me.  My daughter was going running one day and came back and said that she thought about giving up at one point but remembered that her “old” mom just climbed a mountain so she could certainly keep running.

C21: Do you have plans to take on a new physical challenge in 2013?

AL: Nothing as big as climbing a mountain but I do want my girls to participate in the Dirty Girl Run which is a women’s only 5k run in the mud and through an obstacle course. The run supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I will also keep a training regimen similar to what I had when I was training for the climb.  I like the way my body felt when working out a higher level

C21: Last week at the Realogy Awards Celebration you received the Humanitarian of the Month Award. Tell us more about that.

AL: I was completely surprised.  I was attending the awards celebration for the Franchise Sales team so there was no reason to expect that I would receive an award.  Then when Mike Miedler got up there and starting talking about someone who had only been on the job for four days but with the company four years, my stomach dropped.  It was such a great honor. Realogy acknowledges an employee a month that gives back to their community. The next day Alex Perriello asked how on earth I decided to take on such a challenge, and I was honored he was interested.

C21: You began with CENTURY 21 as a business consultant and were recently named to the Franchise Sales team as a director. What will your new role entail?

AL: Yes, I started as a business consultant and only recently moved to the Team Grow position in June 2012.  We were already doing merger and acquistion work and some prospecting, so it made sense to just move all of the Team Grow folks (five of us) to the Franchise Sales team and assign a territory for each.  I will now have Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas as my territory – potentially others.  I will be responsible for growing the brand through conversions, mergers and acquisitions in each of these states.

C21: How will you work Smarter.Bolder.Faster. in 2013?

AL: Smarter: Use our data research team and my own market research before I go into a market place and before I meet with our existing brokers and/or prospects. Bolder: Ask unaffiliated companies to associate with the new CENTURY 21. Faster: Respond to those emails today that I would normally “put off.”

C21: Are you a football fan? What are you plans for Super Bowl Sunday?

AL: Not sure what defines a fan.  I love football, but I don’t follow it.  I would be thrilled to go to a live game, but would have a hard time sitting still to watch one at home.  My brain is already so full of other data, I can’t possibly keep football stats in there – so I just ask the experts.  I am a Super Bowl fan because it’s an excuse to get friends together.  I will likely host something at my house like I did last year when CENTURY 21 sponsored.

C21: Inspired by Angela’s story? Connect with her directly by visiting her website.

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