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Wonder Woman Angela Lieb Joins Climb For Kids

By Molly on November 14th, 2012


Angela Lieb of CENTURY 21 Team Grow (pictured above, far right) was a ballroom dancer before she decided to try her hand at the title “mountain climber.” After taking dance lessons, Angela was looking for a new physical activity, but nothing had piqued her interest.

When she heard CENTURY 21 CEO Rick Davidson speak about the Climb for Kids, something in her gut said, “That’s it. I know what my next challenge is going to be.” Read on to learn how Angela is preparing to climb her first mountain while leading Team Grow and raising four kids.

C21: How long have you been part of the CENTURY 21 System?

AL: I’ve been with CENTURY 21 for four years. I came on board as a Business Consultant and I am now part of Team Grow. I was formerly a small business owner, adjunct instructor, Business Center Consultant, and small-time speaker.

C21: When did you learn about the Climb for Kids?

AL: I got involved with the Climb for Kids because Rick Davidson was speaking about last year’s climb to Alaska at a broker dinner and I asked, “Do any women ever go?”  He said that they had a female climber last year but no one this year and then he asked if I be interested.

C21: How did you respond to the invitation to join the climb?

AL: Rick sent me all the information and I thought about it for a couple of weeks.   I wasn’t worried about whether or not I could physically do the climb, but more about the financial stretch and time away from my kids.  I have four children ages 14, 17, 18 and 22 and am divorced four years with 100% custody and responsibility. I received both my undergrad and MBA degrees while raising children, so I decided – I can do this too.

C21: Tell us about your training regimen.

AL: This is the first time I have ever challenged myself physically for a specific goal.  I have done some kind of physical activity since childhood and started working with a trainer in a group setting three years ago.  However I needed something to push me to the next level of fitness.

I’ve always just worked out to stay fit, not do something big.  Marathons don’t appeal to me and although I love dancing, competitive dancing requires a partner and a lot more money and time.  I have gone from working out with the trainer three days a week to adding running, walking with a 20 pound pack, and running stairs anywhere I can find them.   My mom has stairs at her house at the lake – 112 one way!  Go up and down three times and I’ve climbed 37 flights.

C21: How are you feeling in the final weeks before the climb?

AL: I decided to say “yes” because this is an opportunity to stretch myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Rick said it would be a life changing event and I am counting on it.   I do have sports induced asthma but with taking vitamins and supplements and working out, I rarely need it – but I will certainly have it handy!   Now I am getting nervous about the actual climb.  Will I be able to keep up?

C21: What we all want to know is, how do you juggle it all?

AL: There is so much more time I would love to devote to training but that would require neglecting work and kids, so I do about an hour a day and if there is a day that I have to miss, I will do squats while blow drying my hair or walk/climb stairs when I am on a group conference call.

C21: We hear Siri calls you “Wonder Woman.” True or false?

AL: True! I decided to have her call me that to keep me motivated. Recently we got in a fight because she refused to play Pandora while I was trying to train.

C21: Follow Angela and her quest to reach the summit on her personal website. You can also make a donation to the Climb for Kids here. All funds raised support CENTURY 21 philanthropic partner, Easter Seals.

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12 Responses to "Wonder Woman Angela Lieb Joins Climb For Kids"

  1. avatar Angela Lieb says:

    Molly – thanks for telling my story. So many folks have stepped up to help support Easter Seals and the climb. We stil have a way to go to reach our fundraising goal, so thanks to all for spreading the word!

  2. avatar Becky Steele says:

    Angela – What a great story! This will be one of those experiences of a lifetime! So proud of you! Can’t wait to hear the recap after your climb! I hope you’ll blog about that!

    Hugs, and hugs, and more hugs to you and the team, and your family for supporting you on this!

    Happy Climbing Girl!

  3. avatar Sandy Bower Johnson says:

    Wonder Woman – what an appropriate title! I am SO excited to get to live vicarously through my Team Grow teammate as she takes this challenge! It will be a great accomplishment and experience, but even more importantly, the funds raised for Easter Seals will make a huge difference in many lives. Will you be able to keep up?? Yes you will Wonder Woman, we are counting on you!!

  4. avatar Mike says:

    Great cause….go get ‘me Wonder Woman …I know you’ll summit!!!

  5. Dear Wonder Woman, You are my hero! Also, careful climbing! I will pray that you meet your expectations and that nature is kind to you on your journey. I am also going to pray for your safety. I know it’s going to take a monumental effort on your part, but if anyone can do it YOU can! Go easy on yourself and be patient. Sending lots of love, Theresa

  6. avatar Suzanne says:

    Rock on, Wonderful Woman!! You’re a “big” super-hero inspiration. ;-) … Seriously! (And you have an incredibly beautiful family.) Looking forward to the updates of the trek.

  7. avatar Lexi says:

    You go girl!!! You are a true inspiration! I wish you and the rest of the group the best of luck. You are a trooper and know you will successfully complete this. Many blessings to you and the crew!

  8. avatar Matt Gentile says:

    Angela, Wow, those stairs look intimidating. If you can train on those the volcanoes should be no problem! Best of luck, it is a wonderful thing you are doing for Easter Seals.

    All the best,


  9. avatar Mike McKenna says:

    Angela, you make it all look/sound so simple and I know it’s not. You rock “Super Woman”!

  10. Thanks Angela for your perserverance in reaching for your goal to raise money for Easter Seals!

  11. avatar Angela Lieb says:

    Thank you Matt, Gary and Suzanne – woo hoo only a week to go and I have raised just over $5,000 and still pushing – pass it on!

  12. avatar jeff b. says:

    You are amazing. Right now at 12,0000 feet – what a view. We are all cheering for you! What a great cause.

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