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Climbs For Kids Team To Summit Two Volcanoes In Mexico

By Molly on November 1st, 2012


Last year CENTURY 21 CEO Rick Davidson and the Climb for Kids team ascended the Alaskan mountain range to raise funds for the brand’s philanthropic partner, Easter Seals. This year, Rick and the team are heading out again, this time to Mexico to summit two volcanoes, Pico de Orizaba and Iztaccihuatl.

We sat down with Rick to hear more about this year’s climb and his ongoing quest for the next big adventure.

C21: Last year’s climb took place in Alaska, this year the team will travel to Mexico. How did you choose this location and these summits?

RD: The Mexico summits represent two of the highest peaks in North America. While accessible and achievable in a relatively short expedition, these are two extremely challenging peaks given approach and altitude.

C21: How has your preparation for this year’s climb changed from how you trained last year?

RD: This is the same training program that I have undertaken for the past 10+ years. Starting from a solid fitness base, I have an increased focus on legs, core, back and cardio. The days will be long and strenuous and climbers have to have the stamina to get through.

C21: There are new members to the climb team. How do you select who joins you for this adventure?

RD: I have a base team I have climbed with for many years and they always have an opportunity to join in on the Climb for Kids. For newcomers, first is a desire and willingness to take on the challenge. I like to open the opportunity to anyone who wants to take on a life experience they may not have had before. They need to commit to fund-raising and of course to the training necessary.

C21: In your personal life you are an adventure enthusiast. What makes you so passionate about these new types of challenges and explorations?

RD: I love a challenge. Anything that pushes me to perform above or beyond any preconceived limitations gets me excited. I never want to limit myself to anything…..go big or go home!

C21: The Climb for Kids supports our philanthropic partner, Easter Seals. What is your fund-raising goal for this year’s climb?

RD: We have set a team goal to raise $100,000. My personal goal is to raise $1 per every foot of altitude gained. These two mountains are 36,650 feet of altitude, so….$36,650 is my personal goal.

C21: Help Rick and the Climb for Kids team reach their goal of raising $100,00 for Easter Seals. Donate here.

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