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Climb For Kids Team Reaches First Summit In Mexico

By Molly on November 28th, 2012


We are thrilled to report that CENTURY 21 CEO Rick Davidson and the Climb for Kids team reached the first summit at Iztaccihuatal in Mexico! We were able to connect with the team as they rest today and tomorrow before they head out on their second expedition to Pico de Orizaba.

Scott Becker of CENTURY 21 New Millennium excitedly reported, ”We made it to the summit! We left a high camp at 15,600 feet at 2:30 am. We scrambled over the rocks using headlights for about an hour and then put our crampons on for the rest of the ascent on ice. We were pushing up the final ridge as the sun began to rise and summited at 7:00am. Popo, the adjacent volcano, let out a huge belch of ash just as we hit the summit. Awesome! We have a day of rest today and then off to Orizaba.”

Angela Lieb of CENTURY 21 Team Grow, a first time mountain climber, truly felt an unparalleled level of accomplishment. She shared, ”Well I did it. I summited Iztaccihuatal at 17,887 feet  in elevation. I climbed through dust, gravel, snow and ice. It was the hardest physical and mental challenge of my life.”

She continued, “I wanted to quit at least a dozen times. I cried a few. You can’t fathom what you’ve done until you look up and see the magnitude of size. When you are climbing it is literally one step at a time just like any huge goal in life – one chunk at a time. The hardest part was carrying 30-50 extra pounds on my back. We are resting today so we can summit Orizaba next. If you haven’t donated to Easter Seals, go do it! Thanks for all your encouragement. It means a lot.”

CEO Rick Davidson said, “I am so proud of this team. I want to take a minute to particularly congratulate Angela. She is the only female member of the climb team (other than a guide), never carried a heavy back pack in her life before this trip and made it to the summit and back – the 7th largest mountain in North America. I mean, that is a major feat.”

The Climb for Kids team heads out to summit their second peak Friday morning. Follow live updates from the team here and be sure to donate to the cause here.

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