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Brian Buffini: The Time For Success Is Now

By Molly on March 5th, 2012

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We’re live blogging from the CENTURY 21 Global Conference in New Orleans! Brian Buffini of Buffini & Company gave a keynote speech in the general session all about threes. He talked about the three opportunities in today’s market that real estate professionals should be capitalizing on, as well as your business as a three legged stool (more on that in a minute).

Three Opportunities in Today’s Market

1) Less competition – Brian spoke about the years 2000 – 2006 as a hot market when everyone wanted to be a realtor. In fact, NAR reported having over 1 million members. Now, in 2012, many of those realtors have left the business, leaving more transactions up for grabs for you!

2) Prices are down – Brian asked the audience, “Aren’t sales people the happiest when their product is cheaper?” After a pause for effect he shouted, “Yes!” Brian went on to say, “The market is great, in fact, we’re having a sale!” which was met with riotous laughter from the crowd.

3) Rates are low – In his office, Brian’s team had a party when the interest rates hit 10%. Now, buyers can get a rate as low as 3%. This makes your job easier!

Next Brian talked about the concept of supply and demand and how from that perspective as well, real estate professionals are poised to succeed. Brian shared that the average age of the first time home buyer is 31. There are currently 80 million people between the ages of 18 – 32. He said, “There is a conveyor belt full of these guys coming right at you!”

Brian informed the audience that in a recent survey 87% of people ages 18 – 32 said their number on economic goal is to own a home. When asked if they would still want to own a home if it meant losing money, 84% said they would still want to own a home. How about that!

After sharing this compelling data, Brian talked about the pillars of business as a three legged stool.

Your Business As A Three Legged Stool

1) Sales and marketing -When talking about the three essentials for success in business, Brian said, “Sales and marketing is five times more important than anything else. Make generating leads the number one priority for your business. It’s that simple.”

2) Customer service -Throughout the Global Conference speakers and System members alike have emphasized the importance of customer service and Brian echoed that as well.

3) Financial management -The third leg is the leg that Brian says comes naturally if you have the other two in place. Master sales and marketing, treat your customers exceptionally and the money will come.

Brian closed the session with a very special offer for Global Conference attendees! Visit his team in the Expo Hall at Booth 234 and you will receive a free CD set with Brian’s coaching. What are you waiting for? Head over there!

If you’d like to learn more from Brian, he is teaching a session today in room 288 called,”The Best-Kept Secret in the Brokerage Business.”

You can follow all of the Global Conference action on the CENTURY 21 Facebook page and Twitter account, @CENTURY21. You can also follow the official hashtag for the event, #C21GC.

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    Great post Molly…really enjoy the Century 21 blog! It was a pleasure meeting you at the Tweetup.

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