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The New York Times’ Brian Brett’s 11 Tips For Content Sharing

By Molly on January 13th, 2012


We’ve been live blogging all week from Inman News’ Real Estate Connect in New York City and this morning we had the pleasure of listening to the New York Times’ Managing Director of Customer Research, Brian Brett (@BrianBrett1).

With all the discussion this week about content creation and curation, the audience was wondering, “After I create all this great content, how do I get people to share it?”

Brian Brett to the rescue! Brian’s main stage presentation focused on the keys to successful content sharing.

In his talk, Brian broke down his advice into 11 tips, across two categories: motivations for sharing and how to get other to share. Take a look:

Motivations for Sharing Content


1)      To Bring Value, Entertainment and Enlightenment to Others

2)      To Define Ourselves to Others

3)      To Grow & Nourish Our Existing Relationships

4)      To Receive Critical Feedback From People Who Matter to You

5)      To Get the Word Out About Causes & Brands You Support


How to Get Others to Share Your Content


6)      Appeal to Consumers’ Motivation to Connect with Each Other

7)      Build Trust – Trust is the Cost for Getting Shared

8)      Keep it Simple; Keep Your Message Clear

9)      Appeal to Consumers’ Sense of Humor – Viral Videos are Always the Funny Ones

10)   Embrace a Sense of Urgency – Reward People for Sharing Your Content Immediately

11)   Make Social Media Part of Your Customer Service – This Encourages Additional Sharing

Brian’s list of tips helped to break down the questions “Why do I share?” and “How do I get others to do the same?” Armed with this advice, we can all be more thoughtful generators and promoters of stellar content.

Do you have a tip to add to the list?


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4 Responses to "The New York Times’ Brian Brett’s 11 Tips For Content Sharing"

  1. avatar Eric Estate says:

    I blog and share content on Twitter because there is no such thing as a silly question, and I know that if something is new or interesting to me, it probably will be to someone else, too. I know that every post or tweet won’t be a huge success, but that’s where the long tail effect comes in. Thanks for sharing some great tips


  2. avatar Dena Stevens says:

    You can get people to share your content by asking them to do so also! Often I will take 1/2 the content of a blog post and put it into an enewsletter with a link to the other 1/2. Then I will ask people to share the information, because I know you do! ;)

  3. avatar Joe Washick says:

    I blog on Trulia because the real estate consumer needs answers in real time. It earned me two sales from helping people find answers. It is not easy to be inspiring, sincere and humorous all at once. One must use care to say what they mean and to mean what they say. Always remember that the printed word will follow the author. :)

  4. Thanks for the wonderful article it has really helped me. You put a nice twist to it. I appreciate you sharing this with the rest of us Molly.

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