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Ink For CENTURY 21’s Super Bowl Spot In Inc. Magazine

By Molly on January 24th, 2012



Good morning! Today, the prestigious business publication Inc. Magazine, published a feature on companies who will be in the spotlight during this year’s Super Bowl and guess who made the list? That’s right! CENTURY 21!

Business reporter April Joyner reported in her piece titled “The Other Big Game” that last year the Super Bowl received 111 million viewers and as such, companies with advertisements during this year’s broadcast are being “more strategic than ever about maximizing impact.”

How does CENTURY 21 plan to maximize that impact? Joyner explains, “CENTURY 21 wants to reach Gen-X and Gen-Y viewers—the groups most likely to make a big move—and plans to post teasers on Facebook and YouTube before the game. Plus, as the real estate market continues to slump, the company hopes the ad will lift its agents’ morale.”

In addition to displaying confidence in the market and in the brand’s System members via the spot, our Chief Marketing Officer Bev Thorne added, “It’s always fun to see yourself on TV.”

There you have it! Share the exciting news of this Inc. Magazine feature with your friends, family and clients! Be sure to clue them in that we’ll be sharing sneak peeks of the commercial before it airs here on the blog, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Now is the time to be sure you’re following!