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Agent Reboot NYC: Tips From The Pros

By Molly on January 10th, 2012


We’re live blogging today from Inman News’ Agent Reboot in New York City. You can follow all the action in real time by following us on Twitter, @Century21, and following the event hashtag, #Agentrb.

We attended Agent Reboot in Boston in October and were so impressed by all the expert advice and tips the Inman crew is able to pack into one day. That theme continues today!

With so many speakers and a multitude of fantastic recommendations, we thought the best way to share this content with you was in a list of the best tips of the day. Enjoy!

Best Tips Learned at Agent Reboot NYC


Apps, Downloads, Plug Ins, Shortcuts And Tools:

Use “link:http://” to find all the sites that link to your site in Google. For example, type into the Google search bar “link:http://century21.com” to see all the sites that link back to you. – @Chris_Smth

Use Wise Stamp to create your email signatures, they pull in social media channels as well as the freshest content from your website or blog. – @Chris_Smth

Download the Reportive plug in for your Gmail. It combs the web for social media profiles for all of your Gmail contacts. – @Chris_Smth

Use Xobni for Outlook, it pulls in the social media channels of your contacts. – @JimmyMackin

Embrace Google Chrome extensions to make your web browsing experience easier and faster. My must haves: Speed dial, Nabewise, Skype and Goog.gl. – @Chris_Smth

Interested in sending an email newsletter but don’t have the time to write all the content yourself? Use Inman News’ RE Messenger to create e-newsletters from our content. The program will even generate Facebook and Twitter updates for you, complete with shortened links. – @Chris_Smth

Faceified aggregates all of your reviews online into one place. You can add this to your email signature. – @JimmyMackin

Content Creation And Curation:

Before you publish anything to your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube ask yourself “Is my content good enough for people to share/add it?” – @Chris_Smth

Spend half a day, once a month, taking 30 photos of your local neighborhood. You just created 30 pieces of share-able content. – @KatieLance

Be consistent. If you publish a weekly Facebook or blog post every Monday, do it every single Monday. Your followers will come to expect it. – @MattGentile

A lot of people are asking, should I be using Pinterest? Will it make me any money? It doesn’t matter, that’s where communication is going – it’s about curation. – @Chris_Smth


Use the lists feature in Facebook. Create a list of your MVCs (Most Valuable Contacts). Then when you log in each day, click on the list and now you will only see updates from the people on that specific list. No more newsfeed clutter!  – @JimmyMackin

Facebook automatically creates lists for you called Smart Lists. Some of these are organized by your local contacts, which is key for realtors. Take advantage of these lists! – @JimmyMackin

Facebook Ads:

With Facebook ads, direct the consumer to a Facebook page, not an external website, it has better lead conversion rates. – @Chris_Smth

Create a custom tab that people land on after clicking on your Facebook ad. This tab should be able to capture contact information. – @Chris_Smth

Facebook ads let you target at very specific levels – gender, alma mater, hobbies, zip code. – @Chris_Smth

Mobile And Location Based Services:

Claim your office and your listings on Foursquare. Encourage people to check in and leave comments. – @MattGentile

1 of every 6 real estate searches is via mobile. Be sure you have a mobile optimized website. – @MattGentile


The photographs you take for a listing are the home’s first showing. Quality images are critical. – @Stevepacinelli

If you only share 3-4 photos with your listing, consumers will think you are hiding something, like a 70s bathroom. – @stevepacinelli

Success In Business:

As a successful business person, you are after an emotional response (security, respect, freedom), not the actual dollar amount. Remember that and be motivated by what really matters. – @JaredJamesToday

In business, to be successful, you have to love the results more than the pain it takes to get there. – @JaredJamesToday


When you tweet with a strategy and a purpose, you can reach say, 80,000 people in 15 minutes. Not a lot of other marketing venues can do that. – @KatieLance

I’m a big fan of “no tweet left behind.” Acknowledge when someone shares your content. That’s just good Twitter etiquette. – @KatieLance

Jay Thompson, a realtor in Phoenix, AZ, has a URL in his Twitter bio that leads you to a page on his website that says “Welcome Twitter Friends.” It’s a special page/tab on his blog and it’s super easy to create one for yourself. Surprise and delight those who clicked the link. – @KatieLance

Include the Twitter handle for the company you work for in your Twitter bio. That’s followers for you and followers for them! – @KatieLance

Find content in the morning and use HootSuite to schedule your tweets throughout the day. You don’t have to spend all day on Twitter. – @KatieLance

Use HootSuite’s stats to find out which of your tweets got the best response. Develop a strategy from this feedback . – @KatieLance


Don’t feel comfortable on camera? Do a screencast instead. Download Jing for free. – @DarinPersinger

Close all your listing tour videos with a call to action. Actually tell viewers how to contact you. – @DarinPersinger


Sign up for a free profile on Zillow, but be sure to use the email address you use for all of your listings. – @MVBotefuhr of @Zillow

Ask your clients to write reviews for you on Zillow. Agents with five reviews on Zillow receive 160% more traffic to their Zillow profile than those with zero reviews. – @MVBotefuhr of @Zillow