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The Best WordPress Plugins: Mitch Canter’s Must List

By Molly on November 3rd, 2011

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We’re live blogging from the Blog World & New Media Expo and this afternoon we attended a valuable session about WordPress. This very blog is hosted on WordPress and we’re always looking to add new and useful features.

This session was hosted by Mitch Canter (follow him on Twitter, @Studionashvegas) who is a designer and developer for WordPress. He is also the technical editor for the manual “WordPress Web Design for Dummies.” Mitch kicked off the session with a compelling statistic: 14.3% of all measured sites online use WordPress (including us!). Given all the available blogging platforms, that’s significant.

Mitch went on to stress the importance of your WordPress theme. He encouraged the audience to select a theme that will really showcase your content – photos, videos, multiple authors. If you want to search free WordPress themes, click here. Mitch cautioned against searching for free WordPress themes via Google, as 8 of the top 10 Google results contain malware or spam. Great tip!

The majority of Mitch’s presentation focused on WordPress plugins. Plugins allow you to bring in tweets, share Facebook albums, add a shopping cart and much more. Mitch described plugins as adding readability, usability and findability to your site.

With that, Mitch provided us with his personal list of the best plugins:

Are you using WordPress? What plugins do you recommend?


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One Response to "The Best WordPress Plugins: Mitch Canter’s Must List"

  1. avatar Mitch Canter says:

    Thank you guys SO much for coming to my session. I’m honored to be featured here, especially among other fantastic speakers.

    I thought your readers would benefit from a link to the SlideShare site for my slides – that way they can get see all of the fun stats and figures. And any questions are absolutely welcomed.


    Thanks again, and please come find me so I can thank you personally.


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