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Building A New Media Empire

By Molly on November 5th, 2011

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Today is our third and final day at the Blog World & New Media Expo and we’re live blogging to bring you the best very from each session. This morning we attended a keynote session titled “Building A New Media Empire” which consisted of a three person panel, moderated by Mitch Joel the author of “Six Pixels of Separation.” The panel speakers were Deanna Brown of Federated Media, Lisa Stone of BlogHer (pictured) and Mike Stelzner of Social Media Examiner. Each panelist shared incredible, experienced wisdom about making the most of your blog.

Empress Deanna Brown

Deanna is the CEO of Federated Media and offered fantastic advice about how to approach blogging. She began by encouraging the audience to, “write about what you love, what you’re passionate about and what you’re an expert on.” She continued, “before you write anything think about if you were at a dinner party and the host gave you the floor to start a conversation, what would you talk about? How would you say it? Ask yourself those questions before you start writing.” Deanna also asked the audience to consider, “if you were talking to someone, would you shout at them? Would you leave no room for his/her opinion? Think about that when you write. Be thoughtful. Be considerate.”

On the topic of writing itself, Deanna urged bloggers to write every day. Write four to five times a day if your schedule allows. The more you write, they better and easier it will get.

Deanna also talked about monetization of a blog. She encouraged what she called “micro payments” from readers. If your blog offers a “best of” guide for your local community once a year, you can charge a small fee for that expert content.

In closing, Deanna talked about Federated Media’s acquisition of the food blogging hub, Food Buzz and said “this is one of the most supportive online communities I have seen. Community members selected a daily top nine posts to appear on the front page and they all willingly and happily share each others’ links. We celebrate what they do and we just try to stay out of the way. If anything, we just focus our energy on raising their awareness. Check them out and follow their model.”

Follow Deanna and her team on Twitter, @Federated_Media.

Empress Lisa Stone

Lisa Stone is one of the co-founders of BlogHer, the fifth largest women’s lifestyle network (according to ComScore) which now reaches 30 million readers.  Lisa began by talking about the importance of a blog for your brand, “you need your own platform. You need to be able to say who you are, what you do and why you are doing it.”

On the subject of creating a supportive blogging community, Lisa shared, “the goal of our BlogHer hub is to drive traffic away from our site and to the sites of our contributors. They like working with us because we support their personal blogs. Consider this when reaching out to your network and potential blog contributors.”

In the discussion about blog monetization, Lisa advised, “what you bring to the table is a network of people you trust. That trust is bankable. Rally them and monetize.”

Follow Lisa on Twitter, @LisaStone and follow her team, @BlogHer.

Emperor Mike Stelzner

Mike Stelzner is the founder of Social Media Examiner. He began by saying, “When I first started, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to give a platform to other people. There weren’t a lot of websites out there that had rich, deep content about the constantly changing social media jungle. My advice to you is, find a space where people aren’t providing content and give it to them.”

Mike also encourage collaboration among bloggers. He said, “Band together. Share common interests. Work together to create the best community.” On maintaining that community he recommended, “Ask your community what they want. What content do they need? Create that for them.”

In conclusion Mike empowered the audience by saying, “if you are a blogger, you are a publisher. The cool thing is, anyone can do it.

Follow Mike on Twitter, @Mike_Stelzner.

We’re going to be live blogging throughout the rest of the day, including the session of our very own Director of Public Relations and Social Media, Matt Gentile! Stay tuned for more.