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Jimmy Mackin’s Guide to Facebook Marketing

By Molly on October 26th, 2011


We’re live blogging today from Inman New’s Agent Reboot in Boston and the most spirited presentation of the day was given by Jimmy Mackin, the founder of TheMLSApp.com. During his session, Jimmy gave excellent tips, or as he called it, his “cheat sheet” for the most effective ways to leverage Facebook for your business.

Jimmy began his talk with a compelling statistic, “Of the time we spend on social networks, 90% of that is on Facebook.” With that in mind, it seems necessary to put more thought behind your Facebook business page.

Below you’ll find Jimmy’s tips for maximizing the power of your Facebook business page:

1. Avoid RASMs

This acronym stands for: Random Acts of Social Media. Have a Facebook content strategy, don’t just throw posts up there and hope something sticks. Share content with purpose.

2. Keep it simple

Jimmy shared that Facebook posts that have 10 words of less have the highest engagement rates.

3. Provide clear instructions

Do you want your fans to “like” your post. Tell them to. Jimmy brought up a screen shot from the Buffalo Wild Wings Facebook page in which they post updates like, “Give us a “like” if you’re eating wings while watching the game tonight.”

4. Let your fans fill in the blank

Jimmy showcased the American Express OPEN Facebook page, which publishes a post every Friday asking their fans to fill in the blank. Poof! Instant comments.

5. Make it personal

If you manage a Facebook page and you’re planning to go apple picking these weekend, post an update that reads, “We’re going apple picking this weekend and baking apple crisp. What’s your favorite apple dish?”

6. Celebrate your fans

On the screen Jimmy pulled up a shot of the Brooks Running Facebook page. On their page they change their profile picture each week to a photo submitted by a fan. This makes the fans feel like they are truly a part of your company’s experience.

7. Host giveaways

Have 20 extra company t-shirts from your last event? Not sure what to do with them? Host a contest and give them away to your fans. Low cost to you, high brand loyalty from them.

8. Use fun images

Jimmy highlighted Zillow’s weekly Facebook post called “Tuesday Taste Test” in which they show two properties listing at the same price and ask Facebook fans to choose which one they’d rather live in. Visually appealing and it produces high engagement. Jimmy also recommended using TechSmith’s Jing tool to grab images for these posts.

9. Engage the lurkers

The whole audience erupted with laughter when Jimmy encouraged us to “engage the lurkers.” You know, those Facebook fans that see everything you post, but never “like” or comment? Jimmy says, “You want them to participate? Ask for their advice!” For example, post “Deciding between Blogspot and Wordress for our new blog. Any advice on which is more user-friendly?”

10. Address breaking news

Jimmy explained that while scheduling Facebook posts is great and allows you to do your day-to-day business without interruption, it’s important to respond to breaking, relevant news in real-time. This shows your fans there are real people behind the brand.

Real estate professionals – What has been successful for you on your Facebook business page?


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