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It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

By Molly on September 16th, 2011

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As a real estate professional, when you represent the buyer, your job is more than finding them the perfect home, it’s also about finding them the perfect neighborhood. We asked our System members for their best advice for buyers as they explore prospective neighborhoods for their first or next home.

1. Wait for the bus

Advise your buyers to stand outside their prospective home at the end of the school day and see who gets off the bus. This will indicate the age of the children in the community and help determine if it’s a good fit for their family. Fran Beth Krumholz-Bookman, www.Franibnjrealtor.com

2. Be part of the commute home

Instruct your buyers to head to their prospective neighborhood after school and after work to walk around. Encourage them to introduce themselves to people, ask what the neighborhood is like and why they enjoy living there. Anne Litman Rubin, www.c21ag.com

3. Walk your dog

Tell your buyers to grab their pup and head to the prospective neighborhood to stroll around. Nothing gets people talking like their love for animals! Advise them to talk to everyone they pass! Paulette Upshall, http://pauletteupshall.ca/

4. Get to know the locals

Suggest to your buyers that in addition to getting to know potential, future neighbors, they should also head into the town or city center and chat with local business owners. Why did they decide open to open here? What do they like best about owning a business in this location? They will tell you what kind of reputation the neighborhood has. Patty Napier Bourgeois, www.century21coweta.com

5. Hang out and shop

Instruct your buyers to pick a few places in their prospective neighborhood such as a restaurant, a super market or a coffee shop and spend a night after work or a weekend day hanging out there. Can they see themselves fitting in? Do they enjoy spending time there? Can they picture themselves being a part of that community? Karl Nieder, www.SanDiegoRealEstateC21.com

6. Surf the city

In addition to advising your buyers to walk and drive around their prospective neighborhood and meet their future neighbors, don’t forget to encourage them to check out the city’s website. Does the city make real-time updates? Do they list local events? Crystal Ferguson, www.century21.com

How do you advise your buyers to explore their prospective neighborhood?


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  1. Since Cape Coral, FL. is largely a retirement and second home destination, I meet most of my new buyers from other states and other countries. Typically new buyers have never even been in Cape Coral before.

    SO the first day they get in town, I will drive them around and give a persoanl tour. Being sure to show them local neighborhoods, the schools, the parks, the beach, and any other specifics they request to see.

    I feel that it is extremely important to help them reach their goals. To be comfortable in the area they will live in. I talk about local news, crime rates, good restaurants, shopping, movie theatres, seasonal events, and allow them to ask questions also.

    People really enjoy it and feel extremely educated afterwards. Maybe this is why my close rate is so high! =)

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