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7 Tips To Make Your Listing Stand Out

By Molly on September 30th, 2011


After scoring a new listing, the next step is to really make it sing on the MLS and in your online marketing. We asked our System members for their best tip for making your listing shine brighter than the rest.

1. Be bold

Two words: cap lock! Kody Kuchik, www.kodykuchik.com

2. Grab their attention

Choose a heading that pops and then put it in all caps for the listing, for example – NEEDING MORE ROOM — JOY OF OWNERSHIP — LOTS OF WINDOWS – ENJOY THE LAKE — IMAGINE YOURSELF. Judy Spencer-Dona, www.JudySpencerDona.com

3. Begin with a question

Start your listing description by asking a question that piques the buyer’s interest. “Love to dive? This home is just minutes from some of the hottest dive spots in the Florida Keys.” I also use the name of the area in the MLS copy because it goes beyond just local agents when it populated to other sites. Tracy Larson, www.FloridaKeysMarketUpdate.com

4. Give a tour

Don’t repeat the boxes checked off on the MLS. Meaning, describe the property without repeating “3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage.” Talk about the house as if you are walking through the front door, going room to room. Dena L. Stevens, www.canonland.com

5. Paint a picture

Be as descriptive as possible to give the buyer a mental picture. For example, “Recipe for relaxation- gather two large bedrooms with custom trim and dual walk in private closets, a tremendous master bath and kitchen that is sure to gain the envy of friends and family alike, combine with the exterior features that you have been dreaming about for years, cook for 10 years in an established southern neighborhood with tons of pride in ownership and enjoy!” Ryan Cunningham, www.showmesold.com

6. Write the home’s story

Focus on creating a story for each home. Research the home’s personal history, perhaps the history of the building style, and/or the history of the neighborhood to create a fun, descriptive story line for the home, allowing potential homebuyers insight into why this home should make the list of properties they’d like to see. Utilize the story on all your marketing materials, such as flyers and postcards. You can even create a “unique features” card to use throughout the listing to display those special touches that make the home more interesting and leave a sweeter impression on homebuyers who walk through the door for a closer look. Creativity rarely loses to the lackluster descriptions out there. Angela Batchelor, www.sellingyournest.com

7. Schedule price drops

When appropriate, do automatic price drops every 14 days. That way, the green arrow denoting “price drop” stays on for 10 days. It will be on your listing entry for 10 out of every 14 days. Sue Goodrich, www.c21selectgroup.com

Real estate professionals, what is your best tip for making your listing description stand out?


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3 Responses to "7 Tips To Make Your Listing Stand Out"

  1. Take lots of “good” pictures inside and out with a wide angle lens. Don’t forget the back yard. Enhance those photographs using some photographic software, increase the contrast and color saturation. Produce a virtual tour. Buyers searching on the internet want a lot of pictures and they want “honest” representations of the property. So don’t include a photo of a “water view” if the home doesn’t have a water view. That’s misleading.

  2. avatar Antonio says:

    foto, video, mappa, semplice descrizione, prezzo!

  3. avatar Jeff says:

    Will share this with my readers, good read.

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