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6 Realtors Recommend The Ultimate Housewarming Gift

By Molly on August 24th, 2011


The real estate business is all about relationships and moving day is prime time to connect with a buyer. We asked our System members for thoughtful, personal, housewarming gifts. Here are their top picks.

1. A home cooked meal

Purchase a crock pot, prepare a meal in the pot and arrive at your buyers’ new home to plug it in and share their first meal with them. Also be sure to bring paper plates, paper cups, soda to drink and silverware, so they don’t have to worry about all that while they are moving and unpacking. Angie Paschell, http://c21alliancenj.com

2. A keychain to love

Present your buyers with a key chain from Tiffany’s. Every time they open the door of their new home, they will think of you. Plus, who doesn’t love that little blue box? Carole Root, www.c21birchwood.com

3. A custom welcome mat

Order a personalized welcome mat for the front or back door. Each time the family steps into or out of the house, they will remember you. It’s also nice to bring flowers and champagne when you deliver the mat. Kelly Turbeville, www.century21award.com

4. A personalized popcorn set

If the family has children, order a personalized popcorn set! Pick out a large bowl with the family’s last name on it, and smaller bowls with each individual family member’s  name on it.  When they spend time watching TV and movies together, they will always think of you. Barbi Watt-Wood, www.c21sunbelt.com

5. Something special for the kids

When a family has school age children, personalize lap desks for the kids and include art supplies in the side pockets. It’s important for the little ones to have something special to move into their new room. Janice Hutchinson Hillsdon, www.century21ah.com

6. Smoke detectors

Though this may seem odd, providing your buyers with smoke detectors for their new home shows that you genuinely care for their safety and well being. Jackie Connelly Fornuff, www.century21aa.com

Realtors – what is your signature housewarming gift for home buyers?


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2 Responses to "6 Realtors Recommend The Ultimate Housewarming Gift"

  1. avatar Victoria says:

    Great ideas, C21 agents, we ROCK:)

  2. avatar Shannon says:

    One of my favorite gifts to give clients is 4-hours of MollyMaid service scheduled the day after closing (I always get their permission first)… they are thrilled to move into a squeaky clean home and to not have to worry about a thing. :-)

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