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5 Tips For Selling Homes In Tourist Towns

By Molly on August 12th, 2011


Selling in a popular travel destination? Here are some tips from CENTURY 21 System members to help you bring out the best in your listings.

1. Paint a big picture of the community your listing is in

Be the best tour guide your prospective buyer has ever met. To do that, you can prep a list of things you’d want everybody to know about the community you’re selling in. I list homes in the historic, beautiful and convinient Uptown area of New Orleans. It didn’t flood during Katrina, is within walking distance of the Mardi Gras parade routes. The area also features two of the nations best universities in Loyola and Tulane. Audobon Zoo and park near-by and future Hall of Famer Drew Brees and other famed people live there. 5 minute drive to the French Quarter. What else could you want in a home? Jeff Rein, www.century21richardberry.com

2. Let buyers know about the great businesses and bargains

Promote the businesses and good deals the locals enjoy. Especially in the case of buyers new to the area, it’s wonderful if they get the sense that you’re introducing them to your community and everything that’s great about it. Patty Napier Bourgeois, www.century21coweta.com

3. Don’t be shy about sharing your local expertise

I love to share my expertise of certain micro climates we enjoy here. For example, today it was 92 in Paso Robles, and 69 in Pismo Beach. Helping people to choose the micro climate that works for them. We are a lot like the fine wines here on the Coast, where South County( Edna Valley) is known for it’s white wines (cool climate) North county (Paso Robles) is known fir their red wines( hit environment). I enjoy sharing my “locals” spots around the different beach towns here. Call me for info on the best place for fresh fish & chips in Morro Bay!! I LOVE SLO COUNTY! Amy Gallagher, www.c21home.com

4. Take buyers from out-of-town on a tour of the community

For out of town buyers, take them on a tour; ours has a the beautiful Lake Superior, aerial lift bridge, shipping industry,summer beaches, changing fall colors, ski hills in the winter, and springtime rose garden. Depending on the buyer; show lakefront homes, the local shopping features, or buy them a lunch at a tourist favorite restaurant where they can view it all. Emily Silverness, www.Century21Duluth.com

5. Take buyers to a local hotspot and introduce them

I usually try to have a bit of down time with them at a good locals spot. There we can talk less about real estate and specific houses and more about being a “local”. I take them someplace I know and introduce them as friends, making them appear as if they already were locals. Tracy Larson, www.FloridaKeysMarketUpdat​e.com

Realtors – what is your  best tip for selling in a tourist town?


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2 Responses to "5 Tips For Selling Homes In Tourist Towns"

  1. avatar Glenn Wilson says:

    Hi Molly,

    Great tips, thanks for sharing. Working as a Realtor in a tourist town is as much about the lifestyle as the homes for sale.
    I sell in Antigua, Guatemala and my “foreign” clients (USA/Canada mostly)are typically seasoned travelers that have fallen in love with this amazing town while making their way through Central America. I’ve taken them hiking on an active volcano, deep sea fishing, visiting Mayan villages where the residents still wear hand woven clothes (not for the tourists)and golfing on a 5 star course.
    I look at the time as a perk for me as much as my clients and it really helps us both connect.


  2. avatar gify says:

    The article you wrote is really good.

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