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David Pogue Sings The Praises Of Consumer Technology

By Molly on July 29th, 2011


This is our final post live from the Inman News Real Estate Connect conference in San Francisco, CA. Thank you for reading along and sharing your thoughts, ideas and feedback.

This morning’s keynote address was delivered by the charismatic and hysterical David Pogue, personal technology columnist for the New York Times and Emmy award winning technology correspondent for CBS News. Follow David on Twitter, @Pogue.

The major take away from David’s presentation was: it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the changing landscape of consumer technology, as such it is critical to have a sense of humor as you navigate these new tools.

To begin, David shared some of the websites he feels are making the best use of emerging technology. He cited DoMyStuff.com, Prosper.com, GoLoco.com and WhoIsSick.org. He also has a soft spot for the T-pain, autotune app, which he says leaves him laughing out loud every time. He even showed a clip of the T-pain app applied to a President Obama speech! The entire room was roaring.

David moved on to comment on the reason for all of these new apps and tools. He explained that this new generation, who he called the ‘ego generation’, wants everything on demand and in real time. He asked the audience – Who has a home phone anymore? Who uses voicemail anymore? Who just sits and watches TV anymore? Most importantly, who does one thing at a time anymore? Consumer technology is working to keep up with these demands.

On the same topic of the ‘ego generation’, David highlighted that this young, up and coming group is highly motivated by fans, followers and reviews. Something to keep in mind when growing your own online and mobile presence.

Given how much is available online and via mobile, David strongly encouraged crowd sourcing from the masses. Find out what people are saying about the exact model of car you want to buy or the movie you are thinking about taking your kids to. He also encouraged real estate agents to realize that consumers can crowd source information on certain agents, listing and neighborhoods.

As I mentioned, David’s key point during his talk was, to have a sense of humor about keeping up with technology. With that in mind, he informed the audience he would be performing a song for us. As it turns out, David spent ten years conducting and arranging music for Broadway. Who knew?

David took a seat at the keyboard on stage and announced, “I will now sing a song I wrote about the history of downloadable music, TV and movies.” He cleared his throat and launched into a highly entertaining medley which was set to the tune of “I Got You Babe”, “YMCA” and more. The crowd exploded with applause.

At the close of the session, the moderator asked the audience if they had any questions. One attendee asked, “Since you are such a supporter of YouTube, are your songs available for viewing on YouTube?” Before David had a chance to answer, another attendee shouted, “They are now!” Consumer technology at work, in real time. It doesn’t get better than that!

David’s presentation was extraordinary and reminded everyone that though it can be daunting to learn new tools and request wide spread adoption from your agents and clients, as long as you can laugh along the way, you’ll enjoy the ride.

Thank you, David, for a fantastic finale. Follow our updates from the presentation (or rather, performance), @Century21, and on the hashtag, #ICSF.

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