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How High Would You Climb To Help Kids?

By Molly on June 29th, 2011


CEO Rick Davidson isn’t just climbing a mountain. He’s climbing a bunch of them and he’s doing it to raise funds to help those faced with disabilities reach summits of their own.


We recently caught up with our fearless leader Rick Davidson as he preps for the Easter Seals Climb for Kids. Rick and System members Scott Becker, Greg Cornelius, Dennis Pysz and Robert Struk will traverse the Alaska mountain range with the goal of ascending 30,000 feet and raising $30,000 dollars in donations for Easter Seals.

C21: Thanks for chatting with us, Rick. The climb is less than a week away, what are you and the team doing to prepare?

RD: We are gathering up all of our climbing gear so we can brave the elements – jackets, backpacks, crampons. I’ll have a satellite phone so I can check in live from the mountain and keep you all posted on the team’s progress. On the fundraising side, we are all heightening our efforts as we head into the home stretch!

C21: Century 21 has been a long-time partner with Easter Seals, correct?

RD: Yes, we’ve been supporting Easter Seals more than 30 years. The idea to seek out a dedicated philanthropic partner actually came from a group of our own agents. They wanted to give back to their local communities at a higher level and researched several organizations before hand picking Easter Seals. The main selling point was that Easter Seals spends more on direct services than their own operating budgets, meaning more of the funds go directly to families in need.

C21: That’s fantastic. You mentioned you’ll be reporting live from the mountain. How can our readers follow your progress?

RD: We have an entire section of our Facebook page dedicated to the climb. You can follow where we are along the route and how much money we’ve raised toward our goal. You can also check out photos and videos and even leave messages for the climbing team.

C21: Where can our readers go to donate to the climb?

RD: You can donate via my Easter Seals fundraising page [click HERE!]. The money goes directly to critical services for children, adults and their families.

C21: Thank you, Rick, and good luck to you and the System members on the climb! We look forward to following your adventure and some exciting stories when you return!

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