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Facebook News Feed Optimization 101

By Molly on May 25th, 2011

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This afternoon at Blog World we were able to participate in a fantastically informative session on Facebook news feed optimization. The session focused on how to ensure your brand’s Facebook posts stand out from the noise in a consumer’s personal news feed.

The session was moderated by Bryan Person and featured three panelists: Helen Todd of Sociality Squared, Chad Wittman of EdgeRank Checker and Dennis Yu of Blitz Local. Bryan kicked off the session by setting the scene with these two stats: the average Facebook user has 130 friends and “likes” 90 pages.

Brands, meet your competition for news feed space.

News feed placement is based on an EdgeRank algorithm that factors in three things: affinity, weight and time decay. In order to “beat” EdgeRank at it’s own game, the panelists offered several tips:

In closing, panelist Dennis Yu advised, “Facebook brand pages with huge followings often got that way through contests or giveaways.  That is not building an engaging fan base. Your focus should be on engagement, relevance and quality content.”

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  1. avatar Bryan Person says:

    Molly: Thanks for an excellent summary of our panel, and for all your tweets throughout the discussion. News Feed Optimization really is a critical skill for any business or brand with a Facebook presence.

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