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Best Practices for Blogging for Business

By Molly on May 25th, 2011


This morning during Blog World’s second round of sessions, we were able to sit in on a panel of experts discussing best practices for blogging for your business. The panel included: Kipp Bodnar of HubSpot, Paula Berg of Linhart PR (formerly of Southwest Airlines), Josh Hallett of Voce Communications and was moderated by Tom Martin of Converse Digital.

The panel kicked off by discussing what you need to get started with a corporate blog. Josh of Voce Communications emphatically stated, “A content calendar is necessary and requires careful thought and consideration. Two weeks of content does not a blog make.”

Paula of Linhart PR went on to discuss the value of a blog for a business. She shared, “a blog is the one place where you can fully tell your company story. Twitter doesn’t offer enough space. A blog really lets you dive in. Take advantage of that gift.” She went on to say that often a blog gains momentum within a company and then people from every department want to share information and stories via that platform. You would be surprised how many people want to help fuel the content engine.

As far as promoting a company blog, Kipp offered, “getting into email newsletters can drive a ton of traffic to your blog. Work on building those relevant relationships to extend your blog’s reach.”

The group also addressed what happens when you receive negative feedback on a post. Paula advised, “negative posts or comments are the perfect opportunity to change a consumer’s mind about your brand and to make them a fan.”

The panel also touched on the importance of researching your blog traffic, measuring everything and anything you can about who visits the blog, when and from where, as well as taking advantage of SEO.

Paula ended the session perfectly by asking, “Why do you become a blog subscriber? Because the content is so awesome you don’t want to miss a single  thing.”

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