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8 Tips for Creating Shareable Blog Content

By Molly on May 25th, 2011

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We continue our live blogging from Blog World with 8 tips for creating shareable blog content as learned from social media maven Amy Porterfield‘s afternoon session.

1. Treat every blog post like a first impression. Communicate with your readers as you would with a new person at a mixer.

2. Build a rapport with your readers. Make them feel welcome, comfortable and able to share.

3. Put your reader’s needs first. It’s all about making your blog addictive, something they can’t live without.

4. Build a tribe. Make people invest in your content. There is nothing better than a raving fan.

5. Have a great post idea? eCube it – entertain, educate, empower.

6. Sometimes people devouring your content has more to do with the presentation of the information than the information itself. Make your content easy to digest.

7. Numbered lists are the most popular type of blog post because it is easy to consume valuable information.

8. Want people to comment on your blog post? End the post with a very specific question.

Bloggers, do you have a tip you’d add to Amy’s list?

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  1. I Have to tell you I was just online checking out different blogs and found yours to be very informative and well written, I cant wait to check in again to see what you have to say next time !! keep up the good work !!

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